Frequently Asked Questions of Tattoo Machines or Tattoo Guns Part 2-To Buy Tattoo Gun

In this first part of the article, I’ve talked about the frequently asked questions of tattoo machine parts, and in the second part, I will go on with that topic, heading towards things related to buy tattoo guns.

Question 1: Which aspect should we pay attention to when choosing? How to choose a satisfying one?

Answer: Actually, a good tattoo gun could be qualified of doing all the specific work, including heavy shading and light lining. Tattoo equipment suppliers usually take different uses of tattoo machines as their selling stunt, which, however, is wrong-oriented leading concept, because there might be the same requirement from the strength of needles when do shading and lining.

Question 2: I want to buy a tattoo machine, but I find that there exists a huge difference of the prices. Is the quality in proportion to their prices?

Answer: Well, as for the prices, you could say, they most depend on their acceptance by the customers and the market reputation of the sellers. When referring to the quality, if merchants use soft iron to cast electromagnetic iron core and armature bar, then this machine will be qualified to perform well because soft iron is the best material of casting these two parts.

Question 3: How to pinpoint if the strength of the machine is soft or not?

Answer: Frankly speaking, there is no such useful way to get this out once for all. The most probably accurate way is to take pictures by high-speed picture camera to survey the distance of the needle retracting back to its needle mouth when the tattoo machine loses magnetism. If the distance is large, then the strength is soft, while if short, the strength will be hard.

The best performance of a machine is to insert much enough colors into the skin by the least penetration. If we don’t count the hand craft of tattoo artists, the strength of tattoo machines would now hold a very important position, because machines with hard strength and high-speed of the needle would hurt skin much more than soft and slow ones. The reason lies in that, the needle of a hard strength and high-speed machine stays short in needle tip, with short distance of retraction, which then leads to few color dipped onto the needle. On the contrast, the soft and slow tattoo machines could better effect with more ink.

Question 4: Can experienced tattoo artists pick out an outstanding tattoo gun only by its working sound?

Answer: No. The actual working performance only can be told after installing needles to put into practice. Sometimes sellers use thin materials because they cost less, which make the machine sound ugly. On the contrast, thick materials make strong sound.

Question 5: Is there any special requirement for tattoo coils?

Answer: No specially required matters in choosing coils for tattoo machines. Key point is to pick up right materials for casting the coil which should better be soft steel. As for how many circles should be set, it really depends on the thickness of the wire. Now matter how many circles you set, you just make it similarly equal according to the standard sectional area.

Usually, coil circles set by automatic engines will be better than those made by hand, because the working force is average, unlike those handmade coil circles.

Hope the above words will help you to some extent when you buy tattoo supplies. Let’s continue with the third part later.

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