How to Stop Tattoos from Itching

tattoo imagesAs any person who has gotten a tattoo knows, there is a stage of healing where the tattoo will itch intensely and it seems nothing will stop it from doing so. There are many ways to help stop the itching of a tattoo that is healing that doesn’t involve actually scratching it. Any combination of these things will help stop your tattoo from itching.


1. Slapping the tattoo is a way to stop the itch. However, some people might find this either very painful or difficult depending on where on their body the tattoo is.

2. Rubbing lotion on the tattoo helps alleviate some itching. Just remember not to use lotion until the second or third day after you have gotten the tattoo.

3. Running cold water over the tattoo is quite effective at controlling itch. As with slapping, if your tattoo is in a hard to reach area this might not be an easy task.

4. Using ice is also a good way to go. Ice and cold water both numb the area temporarily so your body cannot register the itching sensation.

5. Talk to your artist if slapping, ice, cold water or lotion is just not working. He may have other ideas on how to stop your tattoo from itching.

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