How to Tell a Tattoo Gun Good or Bad

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Tattoo gun is one of the vital equipments for a tattooist. Telling a good tattoo machine from a bad one doesn’t depend on its price, but depends on how it is made and its construction. People often evaluate the quality of tattoo machine comprehensively from these aspects: the material which it is made of, the coil quantity, the length of the hanging rail, the hardness of the spring sheet and the touching feeling of the machine etc.

As we know, there are two types of tattoo machines which share the same material, one type is the machine with single function, the other type is the machine with two functions. The former means tattoo liner machine and tattoo shader machine separately, these two kinds of machines are used for different purposes, their performance are also different. While the latter is a machine which can be tuned by hand to control its moving frequency and its power for liner or shader. Therefore here are 4 tips guiding you how to tell the quality of a machine as below:

u The material: the cast iron is the preferred material for tattoo machines, the stainless steel is not very suitable to make tattoo guns. The surface of many machines feels smooth like stainless or other material, but in fact it is cast iron completely. This can be achieved by deep process based on the finished machines.

u Coils: generally speaking, the coils quantities for shader tattoo machines are 10; It is better for liner tattoo machines to have 8 coils. We can’t tell their coils quantity from their outer appearance. In fact, there is some difference in coil thickness between the two kinds of machines, the coils of tattoo shader machines is a litter thicker than those of tattoo liner machines.

u The hanging iron: the length of the hanging iron controls whether tattoo needles can bounce up and down flexibly or not. The hanging iron of some machines is a bit short; it can be lengthened by adjusting the spring sheet.

u The spring sheet: if the short hanging iron is lengthened by adjusting spring sheet, it will be much striker requirement for the spring sheet, because it is not good when the hard spring sheet is lengthened, and soft spring sheet is not good either. Therefore, we’d better pick the qualified spring sheet when we purchase a tattoo gun.

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