How to Thicken or Lighten Tattoo Ink

Tattoo ink comes in consistencies but variety of colors. Different brand tattoo inks compared with the same color may have a slight difference. You will find some inks are thicker than others, some inks are easy to mix color and some are easier to use.
Now, tattoo ink is tailored for special use and application. A tattoo work may need various brand inks to complete. Most experienced tattoo artists have a capability that thicken or lighten the ink color. A friend of mine, who is a tattoo artist having 15 years tattoo experience told me, we can thicken or lighten tattoo inks with simple tools at home by ourselves.
This article I will share the way about how to thicken and lighten the ink color with you.
How to Thicken Tattoo Ink
1. Shave the wood off until the carbon stick left. You’ d better to shave the wood begin at the tip of your pencil and avoid to cutting yourselves.
2. Scrape the carbon stick then put the powder on a paper.
3. Use the paper which loads the carbon powder into the tattoo ink slowly. You’d better use a stick to mix, so they can melt well. You can depend on the thickness you want and into how much carbon powder.
How to Lighten Tattoo Ink
1. Any tattoos expose under the sunlight will fade out with the time past. If you don’t want to spend money to remove the tattoo you can expose the tattoos under the UV rays.
2. Use tattoo removal cream, as them can burns the tattoos off. But that is a true the removal cream will make you uncomfortable, but it can really speed up the removal process.
3. Using lasers to remove is the best way, but it will cost most expensive. as a regular tattoo ink supplier always trying to provide you high quality tattoo supplies. If you are looking for tattoo ink to keep your tattoo career running, please check out.

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